Does Fellowship = Food?

Last night I attended a revival service in Attica and got to hear Kurt Mortenson preach a great message! He said that Christians often have a misconception that fellowship = food. I started thinking about fellowship and what it means to a believer.

Fellowship is more than sharing a meal with fellow believers.

This reminded me of a time in my life when I experienced true fellowship. When I was in college, my roommate and I decided to be accountability partners. Once a week we went out to dinner. During dinner, we talked about each of our weeks. After dinner, we pulled out our prayer journals and Bibles. We shared with each other something we had learned that week, a verse that stood out to us, or something we had been convicted about. Then we talked through our prayer requests, not just a list of names, but true requests and praises that were on our hearts. We confessed to each other sin in our lives and things that we were struggling with. Then we bowed our heads and prayed out loud for each other.

We need to make a deliberate effort to engage in Christian fellowship.

This kind of fellowship didn't just occur naturally for my roommate and I. We had to plan time to discuss spiritual matters. We had to make a commitment to meet once a week. We had to be willing to be honest and open with each other.

True Christian fellowship is priceless.

That time in my life was a fantastic experience. It was definitely a time of spiritual growth. I encourage everyone to look for people in your lives that you could share this kind of fellowship with.


  1. Although food doesn't equal fellowship, it does provide a mutually enjoyable common interest. People love to eat! And if you will stop to reminisce about times in your past that you most fondly remember, they often involve food. i.e. thanksgiving dinners, shared meals, etc. Love your blog!


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